PTFE Hoses


Senior Flexonics offers engineered PTFE hose solutions that help our customers manage corrosion, batch purity, thermal cycling and a whole host of other tough, harsh operating conditions in their process applications. We specialize in PTFE hose, and we stock braided medium pressure, high pressure, convoluted, smooth bore and rubber covered hose. We also stock various styles of fittings and adaptors. Custom designed fittings are available on request.

PTFE is an abbreviation for Polytetrafluoroethylene.  Senior Flexonics’ hoses are available in two types of PTFE: non-conductive (white) and conductive (black). Black PTFE has been treated with carbon to make it electrically conductive for dissipation of static electricity.

Series: SB – Medium Pressure Smooth Bore Hose

Series: MHP – Medium-high Pressure Smooth Bore Hose

Series: HP – High Pressure Smooth Bore Hose

Series: WCP – Convoluted Pressure Rated Hose

Series: UHP – Ultra High Pressure Smooth Bore Hose

Series: CHL – Chlorine Transfer Hose

Series: WCV – Convoluted Vacuum Rated Hose

Series: RC – Rubber Covered Hose

Series: SJ – Steam Transfer Hose

Series: MTL – Lined Metal Hose

Series: FT – Flared-tube Hose