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Only from a company completely dedicated to innovation.

Senior Flexonics sets the standard in supplying reliable and proven metallic, composite and PTFE hoses, flex connectors, metal hose, metal expansion joints and bellows to industries such as Oil & Gas Refinement, Power Generation, and Steel that are forced to deal with high temperatures and complicated pressure piping systems. In addition to our engineered products, we provide Engineering services to compliment your in-house Engineering or complete Engineering and project management as required.

Senior Flexonics’ reputation for excellence is based on its commitment to continuous business improvement and customer service.  We strive to continually improve the operation of our business so that we can serve our customers better.

A History of Innovation

In 1902 James Fentress founded what was to become the Senior Flexonics that you now know. From humble beginnings as a single product manufacturer the company grew into an international organization over the next century. It was a time of innovation and achievement in which the company diversified and expanded to become the great organization it is today. Here is a small list of industry “firsts” that were accomplished with our customers:

Metal Hose and Metal Expansion Joints for industry

  • First to make stainless steel hose
  • First to make stainless steel bellows
  • First to make multi-ply stainless steel bellows for high pressure
  • First to make high-strength, butt-welded thin wall stainless steel ducting
  • First to make deposition-formed, one piece, thin wall duct components such as elbows, tees, manifolds, and transition pieces that replaced casting and half shells welded together
  • First to furnish insulated ducting sheathed and sealed
  • First to completely design, manufacture and qualification test an entire high temperature aircraft duct system for heating, ventilating, refrigeration, anti-icing and boundary layer control systems
  • First supplier to install complete pneumatic duct flow facilities for environmental testing of components and complete aircraft ducting systems
  • Learn More

Metal Hose, Metal Expansion Joints

Metal Hose

Metal Hose, Composite Hose and PTFE Hose. We have an unrivaled reputation for the design, manufacture, and supply of high quality corrugated metal hose and strip-wound hose products to a broad sector of manufacturing and process industries. Visit our STAMPED checklist in our comprehensive Learning Centre to help specify your next order.

Flexible Metal Hose, Metal Expansion Joints - Connectors

Flex Connectors

Stainless Steel, Monel, PTFE  and Bronze Flex Connectors. Whatever you require, Senior Flexonics’ flexible connectors are a perfect match of style, wall thickness and design to minimize the forces and stress within piping systems.  These connectors are factory engineered, manufactured and tested to effectively isolate vibrations transmitted by mechanical equipment. Learn More

HVAC Metal Hose, Metal Expansion Joints

HVAC Expansion Joints

Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints and Compensators. Senior Flexonics is recognized as a leader in the Metal Expansion Joint industry. Our leadership has been earned through consistent application of solid engineering principles, stringent quality standards and product innovation to produce safe and reliable metal expansion joints and flex connectors for HVAC piping and ducting applications. Learn More

Metal Hose, Metal Expansion Joints, Fabric Expansion Joints

Metal Expansion Joints

Senior Flexonics engineers and manufactures Fabric, PTFE, and Metal Expansion Joints and is recognized as the leader in the metal expansion joint industry. Our leadership has been earned through consistent application of solid engineering principles, stringent quality standards, and product innovation to produce safe and reliable metal expansion joints for all types of piping applications. Learn More

Cryogenics Engineering and Supply

Cryogenics and Compressed Gas

Senior Flexonics has been supplying the cryogenic and compressed gas industry for over 25 years. We custom design and build products such as manifolds, bulk transfer hoses, vacuum insulated pipe and hose, and metallic or PTFE pigtails. Learn More

Metal Expansion Joints for HVAC applications

Senior Flexonics engineers, manufactures, and markets metal expansion joints and is recognized as the leader in the expansion joint industry. Our global leadership has been earned through consistent application of solid engineering principles, stringent quality standards, and product innovation to produce safe and reliable metal expansion joints for all types of HVAC applications. As a further part of our leadership, we invite people to learn from our extensive online learning center.

Metal Expansion Joints

All materials expand and contract with thermal change. In the case of piping systems, this dimensional change can produce excessive stresses throughout the piping system and at fixed points such as vessels and rotating equipment, as well as within the piping itself. A practical and cost effective means of achieving piping system flexibility in a compact design is through the application of metal expansion joints. The most efficient piping system is the shortest and most directly routed system and metal expansion joints make this possible. Metal expansion joints provide an excellent solution for isolation of settlement, seismic deflection, mechanical vibration and sound attenuation.

Designing of Bellows:

Metal bellows are manufactured from relatively thin-walled tubing to form a corrugated cylinder. The corrugations, commonly referred to as convolutions, add the structural reinforcement necessary for the thin-wall material to contain system pressure. The bellows designer selects the thickness and convolution geometry to produce a bellows design that approaches, and often exceeds the capacity of the adjoining pipe to contain system pressure at the specified design temperature.

Flexibility of the bellows is achieved through bending of the convolution sidewalls, as well as flexing within their crest and root radii. In most cases, multiple convolutions are required to provide sufficient flexibility to accommodate the expected expansion and contraction of the piping system. Visit the Piping Flexibility Section in our online Learning Centre.