Cryogenics & Compressed Gas

Cryogenics & Compressed Gas

Senior Flexonics has been supplying the cryogenic and compressed gas industry for over 20 years.

We stock a wide inventory of products from manufacturers such as Rego, Goddard, Rockwood Swendeman, Acme Cryogenics, and Western Enterprises.

We custom design and build products such as manifolds, bulk transfer hoses, vacuum insulated pipe and hose, and metallic or PTFE pigtails.

Custom Manifolds

Bulk Transfer Hoses

Cylinder Pigtails

Liquid Cylinder and Vacuum Insulated Hoses

Cryogenic Liquid Transfer Connections – by Acme Cryogenics

Safety Relief Valves – by Rockwood Swendeman

Cryogenic Valves – by Goddard

Flow Products – by Rego Cryo

Welding and Compressed Gas Fitting Products – by Western Enterprises

Vacuum Insulated Pipe