Series 600 Inconel® Hose

Series 600 Inconel® Hose

Senior Flexonics Series 600 Inconel® 625 annular corrugated hose, available with Inconel® 625 braid or standard T321 stainless steel braid offers superior corrosion resistance.

As a low temperature corrosion resistant material, Inconel 625 has an excellent record in use in the chemical processing industry, in sea and brackish water and in power plant scrubber applications. It resists chloride pitting and crevice corrosion as well as chloride stress-corrosion cracking.

  • Max. Working Pressure: full vacuum to 2660 psig (depending on size and braid configuration)
  • Temperature: Cryogenic to 1500 with T321 braid and to 1800 with Inconel braid
  • Construction: Inconel 625 annular hose with T321 or Inconel braid
  • Sizes: ¼” to 2″