Temperature Conversion Chart

Maximum Service Temperature of Materials

Flow Velocity

1) Where flow velocity exceeds 100ft/sec gas (50ft/sec liquid), in unbraided hose, or 150 ft/sec gas (75ft/sec liquid), in braided hose, a flexible metal liner of fully interlocked (RT) hose should be used. When the hose is installed in a bent condition, these flow values should be reduced by 50% for a 90° bend, 25% for a 45° bend, and so on, proportional to the angle of bend. In cases where velocity exceeds the above values, the next larger size corrugated hose should be used with the flexible RT liner sized equivalent to the mating pipe size.

2) Where the amount of pressure drop through longer lengths of hose is a significant factor, a larger diameter hose  may be required. As a broad rule of thumb, pressure drop through a corrugated metal hose is approximately three times that in comparable size standard steel pipe. For more accurate calculations of pressure drop, consult Senior Flexonics Engineering.

Consult Senior Flexonics Engineering whenever service conditions necessitate consideration of the influence of long term exposure at elevated temperature.