Welded Metal Bellow Benefits

Welded Metal Bellow Benefits:

Edge welded bellows are ideally suited for high cycle life applications requiring stroke in a constrained envelope.

Stroke Comparison of Edge Welded Bellows:

Stroke of edge welded bellow

  • Stroke up to 90% in compression
  • Stroke up to 30% in extension

Stroke of a typical formed bellow

  • Stroke limited to 10%

Flexibility characteristics of an Edge Welded Bellow:


  • Edge welded bellows are capable of softer spring rate
  • Axial, angular and radial

How Edge Welded Metal Bellows are manufactured:

Welded diaphragm metal bellows are composed of two contoured diaphragms – each constructed from thin stainless steel – are welded at the inside diameter to form a convolution. Capsules are formed when convolutions are stacked on a horizontal arbor and welded at the outside diameter.


Edge Welded Metal Bellows Terminology:


Types of Edge Welded Metal Bellows:

Resting Ripple Bellows:

Most welded diaphragm metal bellows have a nested ripple diaphragm configuration that provides maximum stroke, minimum stress, superior flexibility, and full nesting when collapsed or compressed.

  • Long Stroke Capability
  • Compact Nested Length
  • Good Linearity
  • Moderate Pressure Capability
Single Sweep Bellows:

Customized bellows, including those with flat plate, single sweep, and torus contours are available for special applications.

  • Good Pressure Capability
  • Good Stroke Capability
  • Compact Nested Length
  • Good Linearity