Pipe Alignment Guides

Pipe Alignment Guides

Proper pipe alignment is vital to maximize service from expansion joints. Senior Flexonics improved, easy-to-install pipe alignment guides are your ideal solution. These pipe alignment guides permit free axial movement of the pipe while restricting lateral and angular movement. U-bolts, hangers and rollers only support; Senior Flexonics pipe alignment guides protect.

Location of pipe alignment guides

Whenever possible, install the expansion joint close to an anchor. Locate the anchor or first pipe alignment guide no more than 4 pipe diameters from the expansion joint. The second guide should be located no more than 14 pipe diameters from the first guide.

The chart on page 23 gives the recommended pipe alignment guide spacing along the balance of the line. For any pipe size and pressure, the recommended pipe alignment guide spacing can be readily determined. Find the pressure on the bottom scale; extend a vertical line from this point until it intersect the sloping line representing the pipe size involved; from this intersection extend a horizontal line to find pipe alignment guide spacing in feet on the left-hand scale.

PDF Reference Guide Pipe Alignment Guides


Note: For maximum movement, install spider with half its length extended.