Pressure Relief / Safety Valve Connectors

Pressure Relief / Safety Valve Connectors

A modern answer for a 100 percent sealed vent system to replace such old-fashioned devices as drip pan elbows with their inherent safety hazards. These connectors, by eliminating steam blowback and by preventing drafting through the vent stack, provide increased protection for both plant personnel and expensive equipment.

The Senior Flexonics pressure relief/safety valve connectors are available in 164 different models and may be ordered for quick delivery.

Valve discharge sizes range from 1” through 10” and vent stack sizes range from 2” through 24” are available. The connectors come in both high and low pressure series with four standard motion capabilities. For smaller sizes there is 1 1/2” axial deflection with ± 3/4” lateral deflection, and 4” axial with ± 2” lateral; for larger sizes there is 2” axial deflection with ± 1” lateral deflection, and 6” axial with ± 2 1/2” lateral. (Special movements can be supplied as required).

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Vertical Installation

Vertical Pressure Relief

Horizontal Installation

Horizontal Pressure Relief

PDF Reference Guide Pressure Relief / Safety Valve Connectors